3D International LLC. proudly manufactures chemicals that are safe for the environment using biodegradable, organic, and natural components. Formulas include ingredients that are approved by Cleangredients. All elements are VOC compliant. 3D International LLC, does not use prop-65 chemicals and phosphates.
Products:Waterless Car Wash



All Purpose Cleaners

Carpet Cleaners

Carpet Extractor Cleaners

Hard Surface Cleaners

Metal & Chrome Polishes

Biodegradable Boat Cleaners

Window Cleaners

Glass and Mirror Cleaners

Eye-glass Cleaners

Rain Repellants

Hand Soaps

Hand Sanitizers

Tire Cleaners

Rubber and Vinyl Dressings

Leather Protectants and Conditioners

Interior and Upholstery Care

Liquid Spray Waxes

Buffing Waxes & Polishes

Nano-Polymers and Sealants

Air Fresheners

Odor Eliminator

Office Cleaners

Commercial Kitchen Cleaners

Oven Cleaners

…. and more custom blending.