3D Detailing Academy – 1 Day Speed Course




1 Day Course, HD SPEED Detail – Summary

1. Philosophy; “Detailing Made Simple”
2. Detailing Combinations; descriptions, features and benefits
3. Equipment: Dual Action (DA) polishers; RUPES, HD SPEED and Porter Cable
4. Pads: Wool, Micro fiber and foam; descriptions, features and benefits
5. Chemicals; compounds, polish and wax; descriptions, features and benefits
6. Detailing accessories; microfiber towels, pads, exterior and interior brushes

HD SPEED Detail (complete hands-on detail)

1. Vehicle inspection; paint evaluation
2. Set-up SPEED detail; caddies and supplies
3. Clean exterior with TOUCH waterless; “saving time = BIG advantage”
4. Interior SPEED detail; this is a “lite” interior cleaning
5. Exterior SPEED detail; this is lite paint correction, polish and wax
6. Self-inspection and clean-up
7. Final inspection

TIPS: save time and money

Written and hands-on exam to determine skill and course comprehension

Business marketing packet:

1. Business plan, marketing goals, budget and insurance coverage.
2. Marketing; create an online presence with social media.
3. Sales; 6 steps to successful selling.
4. Referrals; when you’ve done a great job, ask the customer for referrals.

Recommended HD SPEED Starter Kit:

HD SPEED DA polisher
5.5 inch yellow and black foam pads, 4 of each
72 Microfiber towels, 36 black, 24 green, 12 lt. blue
HD SPEED – 32oz
HD TOUCH – 1 gallon
HD TOTAL – 1 gallon
HD DRESS – 16oz
HD GLASS – 1 gallon
Assortment of detail brushes
Assortment of cleaning brushes

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