New Product Introduction: 3D AAT Finishing Polish #502

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Just when you thought HD Polish was the greatest finishing polish of all time……Tunch Goren decided to up the ante and lock in the top spot even deeper! Many have asked how an incredible product like HD Polish can be made better????

The answer: Adaptive Abrasive Technology

Yes, that’s right. We’ve decided to bring in the latest and greatest abrasive technology to the 3D side of the business to create 3D AAT Finishing Polish #502 (AAT #502). This polish is fortified with not only the AAT technology, but also improved AND additional abrasives. These added technologies will create greater cutting capabilities, in less time, while producing the superb final finish you’ve come accustomed to.

By using both mechanical and chemical abrasives you’ll be able to polish out heavier defects from not just automotive finishes, but also on Paint Protection Film(see below), Gel-coat and any other surface that is polishable.

AAT#502 can be used with any kind of polishing machine and every kind of buffing pad for excellent results. You’ll now be able to extend the possibilities of what a finishing polish can do with AAT#502. You’ll experience more cutting action, better finishing characteristics and much more versatility. Never any fillers, effortless removal, no harsh chemicals, body shop safe and little to NO dust. The absolute best compliment to 3D AAT Rubbing Compound #501.

AAT#501 will knock them down and AAT#502 will polish them out! This dynamic duo is the heaviest hitting and best finishing combo on the market today!

Excellent correction results on this PPF covered Porsche hood.



Light polishing (not full correction) on this soft Bentley paint.




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