Prepare your Car Paint for the Winter Weather

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Here are a few tips to keep your vehicles paint protected during the chilly winter months. As the snow starts to fall, communities will start to salt the roads. Salt is used to de-ice the roads as well as remove the paint finish off your vehicle. With a quality wax and paint sealant, you will be one step closer to keeping your paint beautiful throughout the winter season. These are a few tips:

  1. Apply a Paint Sealant, like HD Nitro Seal or HD Poxy, they last longer and require less reapplications.
  2. HD Nitro Seal is the best long-term protection
  3. Winter Wash can be challenging, use HD Touch, a rinse less waterless car wash to clean up in less time
  4. Cover it up! Park in a garage, car port or use a car cover to help protect the paint and keep the ice off your vehicle

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