How to Remove Dog Hair from your Vehicle

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Pet Hair


Everyone loves their furry buddies, but we all struggle to get those hard to remove pet hairs out of our cars. Nobody likes sitting in a car (wearing black) and you get up to find your trousers and shirt full of dog hair. Check out some of our quick tips!


Step 1: Clean up your car briefly vacuum the easily removed hair
Step 2: Lightly Spray HD Total to degrease and lift the pet hair and really emulsify that area
Step 3: Use a soft Interior Brush and clean the surface and allow the pet hairs that are snugged in the seats and creases to lift
Step 4: Use a vacuum to extract the hair from your surface

Keep in mind that you do not want to over spray, but if by chance you do, absorb the extra moisture with a Microfiber Towel after cleaning the surface.


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