How to Maintain your Car Paint during the Winter

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 It’s important to maintain your vehicles paint during the summer…just as much as it is during the winter. In order for the roads to be in good drivable conditions, the city workers will place salt on the paved roads. By applying this, it allows the ice to melt. However, it causes heavy damage to the vehicles paint.

Road Salt  – is typical table salt used to melt ice and add traction on snow covered byways.

What does Road Salt do to your vehicles paint?
Wash your car often, yes we understand that it’s snow, but you’re trying to fight off corrosion and maintaining the value of your car. By damaging your car’s clear finish, it promotes rust, and affects the mechanics of your vehicle. Wash your vehicle every 10 days or less (whenever the temperates reach 40 degrees F or higher), wash during the day before freezing evenings.

The road salt gives long-term effects. It doesn’t show up over night, it takes time, it can rust metal. If you’re parking your car in a warm garage after driving through snow, you’re at higher risk in damages. Rust forms when oxygen and moisture combine on metal, and salt accelerates that process because it corrodes. It’s great for the motor and transmission, however it’s difficult on the body.

How to protect your car during the winter:
We suggest waxing your car during the fall and provide a layer of protection. Thus, making it easier to remove the salt that will build up during the winter. We also recommend that you place a sealant and layer that with the wax.

What products protect your car during the winter?
HD Poxy – Montan Wax and Sealant is long lasting and easy to use. It’s a hybrid paint sealant and wax that has been designed to bond to the painted surface for protecting and durable lasting shine. It will protect against mother nature, bird droppings, acid rain, hard water deposits and many adverse paint challenges.

HD Nitro Seal – This will take your car’s paint to the next level! With unprecedented slickness and shine, it’s revolutionary two part polymer paint system is super easy to apply. 3D products designed this to the used by everyone who owns a vehicle.  No machine is needed.
Part A  is an animo functional fluid group, which provides excellent surface affinity and spreadability through it’s wetting feature. Part B is a hybrid Montan Wax composite. Therefore, it beads up any water and allows it to easily glide off while protecting your vehicles clear coat and paint.


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