How to Clean a Car Seat

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Let’s face it, kids can flip their Car Seats (safety seats) upside down. We’re talking crumbs, milk, juice, crackers, toys, you name it! There’s no clue what we’ll find in those small areas. We know parents have a hard time cleaning those spilled milk stains. We’ve come up with a quick clean up solution for an everyday person to easily wipe down their car and maintaining the “New Car” look, and “New Car Seat” look. You only need a few items to restore that carseat.

3  Microfiber Towels – Soft and Very Absorbent Towel that won’t Scratch

16 oz. HD Total Interior and Exterior All Purpose Cleaner

16 oz. HD Touch –  Detailer and Waterless Car Wash

Smart Tips to Deep Clean your Childs Car Seat:

#1 Remove Car Seat Cover  – to clean inside and out (including the buckles and base)

#2 Vacuum the buckles, base, and seat – Those little buckles accumulate itty-bitty crumbs.

#3 Hand Wash the Cover – they have fire retardant on them, a machine wash would remove all of that. We like that stuff on there!

Quickly Wash in less than 15 mins!

  1. Vacuum the car seat and toss the large pieces of crumbs, cookies, etc. into a plastic trash bag.
  2. Remove the car seat cover and lightly spray HD Total, an all purpose bio-degreadble and safe cleaner, scrub out any milk, juice or weird stains out of the cover with the microfiber towel.
  3. Lightly spray HD Touch, a waterless car wash on the base, buckles, straps, and the areas that aren’t so heavily stained. Also scrub the cover with the microfiber towel you previously used.
  4. Give the Trash a home, a plastic bag, and toss it.
  5. Reuse the microfiber towel (we like to recycle!) to clean any areas on your car that may need a quick touch up….
    like the Dashboard and Cup Holder/ Arm Rest with HD Touch or HD Total (if it’s got lots of grim and dirt).

You could use HD Touch on…

  • Car Paint (yep, you could clean the outside of your car with this!)
  • Dashboard
  • Car Seats
  • All of the interior

 HD Total will clean…

  • Interior & Exterior for those HEAVY stains
  • Exterior…like the Engine and Tires to completely degrease

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