How does the Waterless Car Wash work?

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Spring has arrived and you want your car to look as well maintained & clean as possible. 3D Waterless Car Wash gives you everything you need to be eco-friendly and help the environment without using a hose, water, or creating mess! It has the proper amount of lubrication to clean off the surface dust, finger prints, and other minor surface contamination that your vehicle has accumulated. It is less time consuming than a full bath with soap and water car wash. It also prolongs the wax or sealant life. With summer just around the corner, you can even use this product in direct sunlight!

Supplies Needed:
Waterless Car Wash
Two Green Microfiber Exterior Towels
(One is going to be your “clean” and the other is your “dirty” towel)

Note: Apply in sections.

  1. Spray a moderate amount onto a section of your vehicle surface
  2. Wipe in one direction with your “dirty” towel
  3. Spray Waterless Car Wash on the same area
  4. Then wipe off with “clean” towel

Repeat that same process to the entire vehicle.

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