NEW: HD Turkish Lamb’s Wool Correction Pads

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Here is another great buffing tool designed to level away defects from automotive surfaces like paint, aluminum & glass. These extra durable pads keep the surface cooler than traditional correction pads and offer precise cutting power leaving behind a superb post correction finish. The days of only using wool pads on rotary buffers are a consideration of the past. And just like wool typically being synonymous with heavy correction, with this new European technology you will also enjoy the improved cutting action of these pads via DA and forced rotation mediums as well. Not only do these pads utilize the latest in super-strong adhesives to keep the backing assembly in place, but it also incorporates extra fine fiber reinforced stitching around the edge to secure greater strength. The specially designed strands do a wonderful job of holding the abrasive particles during buffing allowing for longer cycles and less debris load up. They also spur clean very well and retain their natural shape creating greater extended use without any troublesome shedding.

I have actually been testing these pads since SEMA last year and I can definitely say that they are a complete pleasure to work with. This technology was actually discovered by 3D owner Tunch Goren in a recent visit to his home in Istanbul, Turkey where he requested a manufacturer to exclusively source these pads for his application. I can say with certainty that you will not find another pad on the market similar to this. They originally were tested in a yellowish tan color, but have since been updated to black for final production. Available in 5 & 6 inch sizes. Please stay tuned for pricing and online ordering through

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