Saturday Detaling Clinics

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Hi 3D family,
For the last few weeks Javier and Hector started “Saturdays Detailing
Clinic” for the Do-It-Yourselvers in Santa Clarita Community .

First they visited the local car shows and gatherings to promote this
weekly event. Now it is growing by itself. People bring friends and
neighbors . Some of them even bring back their cars following week to
show what they have done for their car.
These shows helps our community to save money and learn how to detail their own cars.
We are only at the beginning . We will continue to do these events every week.
What we do is demo one or two products only per week.
Most of the products we chose is to target the DIY people.
This Saturday was about Claying your car with final touch and using HD
Speed with DA polisher and only using one pad. The yellow cutting pad.
Yes that’s right only yellow cutting pad. Try it works great.
Thank you Javier and Hector.
Have a nice weekend everyone.
Tunch Goren



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