HD CUT Review by Perfections Detail

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This review of the new HD CUT was posted on Autopia.org by a popular internet detailer named John Parker of Perfections Detailing in Buna, TX. www.perfectionsdetail.com Many might be familiar with John by the screen name Perfections he uses on various detailing forums. He asked to try a sample of the latest polishing compound and here is what he had to say:

First I’d like to thank Tunch and 3D for allowing us to test out a new product and give our honest feedback. That speaks volumes for your commitment for excellence along with believing in the products you’re producing. That being said, onto the review!
We were given some guidelines for the review asking to give our thoughts on certain aspects of the product. They are as follows.

Cut: Greater then Meg’s 105 but seemed less then 101.

Ease of use: Once I got my process dialed in it was easy to work with.

Dusting: Even with brand new pads there was still minimal dusting. But it wasn’t snowing like some compounds lol

Working time: Following the directions after priming the pad I felt the 3-4 pea size drops didn’t provide adequate working time or product coverage for a 2×2 sq. Added one more drop for a total of 5 using 6.5″ pad worked great! Maybe with a 5~” pad the 3-4 would work better? I’ll have to test on another car. Working time on the pc and flex were about equal. Using mf pads it decreased working time and didn’t finish as well. Still decent but not on par with foam.

Removal from surface: Removal, as long as you polished to the end of the buffing cycle was easy to remove, both with a dry towel and wet. If you didn’t polish long enough it had problems coming off with ease.

Finish after use: I know this is a heavy compound and I’ll probably be flamed for saying this, but it’s the truth. I was truly shocked, using the same process, same brand new lc hydrotech cyan’s it finished better then Meg’s 105. I truly could’ve one stepped this truck if I would’ve had enough brand new pads. The reason I say brand new is I couldn’t reproduce the results after about a panel, maybe a panel and a half. I cleaned the crap outta the pads with a brush after each 2×2 section but after about a panel I’d start to get micro marring. Needless to say a clean pad can produce amazing results, but it’s very difficult to keep it going with the same pad.

Flexibility with machines: HD Cut rocked the house with both my flex 3401 and pc

Price: It’s priced right for this caliber of cut with its finishing ability. It is a tad high but this is a case where I feel you get what you pay for.

Smell: Is there a smell? I couldn’t find it.

Labeling: I love the bottle, looks, labeling, easy to read. My only thing is I feel it needs to say 5 pea sized drops and not 3-4. But that’s a personal choice and might not be the same for everyone.

Overall I’m a optimum fan, so for me to say this is a great product is saying something. It truly is the best mix of leveling power and finish down ability out of ANY compound I’ve used in 17 years of polishing cars. I can make optimum compounds finish down near perfect also but they don’t have the same amount of cut. So your making me wanna cry, and I’ll have to talk to the good Dr. G this one!
I also got to use the HD Polish and once I found the right pad it worked great like others have mentioned. Onto the pics, these pics were taken after a onr wash and 2x eraser wipe downs. One pass with flex 3401, lc hydrotech cyan’s, speed 4.

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And a video, HD Cut on right Meg’s 105 left, brand new lc pads used for both

Thanks for viewing and questions/comments welcome!

Taken from Autopia.org: http://www.autopia.org/forum/3d-high-definition-car-care/143287-review-3d-hd-cut.html

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