HD Flex-Foam Rotary Backing Plate

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With all the choices on the market with respect to rotary backing plates, it is vital that your selection be one that can meet every application you may be faced with. HD isn’t just synonymous for High Definition, but in the case of backing plates it stands for Heavy Duty. But don’t let that characteristic hold you back thinking that this backing plate is pure strength without feel. The HD Flex-Foam Rotary Backing Plate responds to even the most tactile critical application to allow you to nearly feel the surface you’re working on through your machine.

Use the HD Flex-Foam Rotary Backing Plate effortlessly with foam, wool or microfiber pads for cutting, polishing or jeweling.  The HD Flex-Foam rotary Backing Plate fits all 5.5 inch Hook & Loop style buffing pads and accepts 5/8 X 11 inch threaded rotary buffers spindles.  Soft core construction allows for smoother surface contact even on challenging buffing surfaces. Reduced pad skipping translates into better surface contact and less buffer haze.

The biggest component that compromises not only a backing plate’s lifespan, but also a buffing pad, is its ability to transfer heat away from the machine without overheating these working parts. With the special foam construction, this backing plate will insure that not only the plate will run cooler, but also your buffer, the pads and the surface you’re working on too.  Dense foam core produces less heat and quicker cool down cycles between passes and will not overheat buffing pad glue substrate.  


*5 inch Diameter

*1 Inch impact resistant nylon core  

*5/8 x 11 inch internal threading

*Hook & Loop fastening system

*10,000 RPM Max Speed

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