The proper way to clean your towels

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I have always used regular laundry detergent to wash my Micro Fiber Detailing Towels
I’d use the heavy cycle, followed by at least one rinse cycle with a few ounce of white vinegar added to get all the soap out. Until you try something MUCH BETTER, you just never know. You assume your towels are really clean.

After all I was doing all the right things right? – expensive detergent, long washing cycles, extra rinse, etc… Than one day, when I was visiting 3D in Santa Clarita, I  happened to see a bunch of TOWEL KLEEN in the gallon size. It was an attractive display . I had a gallon shipped to me to try. See, these dedicated towel cleaners don’t get too much publicity. I really don’t understand why. Heck, even I, as a pro detailer discredited them, thinking it was some kind of a gimmick. Once I was back in Portland, and the product delivered to me, I took a bunch of towels that needed a wash, and because I haven’t washed towels for awhile and they were piling up, I thought that this would be a perfect test. Please note that I have  tons of towels. I counted what was going into the washing machine. I was not a small load!

32 – 16×16 towels
1 – 24×16 towel
2 large waffle wave towels
4 window towels
2 micro fiber applicators
1 grout sponge

I didn’t want to do an equal test, I wanted to see if this soap was better than the detergents I have been using, so I only used a “heavy cycle”. No extra rinse, no vinegar. Once the cycle was done, the towels went right into the dryer. For the first time, my used towels felt like new towels coming out of the dryer. I wish I had an open mind about towel cleaners in the past. Oh well. I guess it is better late than never. I’d say, that even if TOWEL KLEEN wasn’t a bargain it would be worth using because of having detailing towels that are this clean, are very important in detailing. I think everyone who has ever used a washed towel knows the difference between a new and used towel and how much better new towels work. But at the price this product is offered at, it is a real steal. Did you know that you only use 2 capful per load? 2 capful??? Kidding me? A gallon of this stuff will last even for a pro detailer for ever. Buy it once and you will be a customer for life.

Thomas Dekany



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