The popularity of 3D and HD products

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3D products are sold all over the world – as of today, in 13 countries! I think there is a very good reason why 3D is growing so fast. For one, the  products work extremely well. In fact, many perform above the competition.

3D product are sold in the US, India, China, Vietnam, Philippines, England, Australia, Netherlands, Spain,  Mexico, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates. Not bad!

HD UNO sold me on the line back in 2009. As a pro detailer for 5 year at that time I had an idea of what I didn’t like about most compounds in general. Working 5-7 days a week I kept buying different compounding products to help me polish paint easier. For one, I really didn’t like dust. I couldn’t stand to see the panel that I worked for hours to perfect get covered in polishing dust 5 minutes after I moved on to the next panel. I know that is what every other detailer needed to put up with as well, but I kept wishing for a product, that would cut very well, didn’t dust and still looked great. Well HD UNO  was that product. My first time using it was with a Dual Action Polisher, not even with a rotary.
I followed the directions, and before me was a a section that was corrected 100% and I did that in a very short time, and there was no dusting at all. Not only that, the paint was ready to be protected. I didn’t need a finer polish with a softer pad to refine. One product did it all. Until that point, I couldn’t do that with any other product on a DA polisher. I was really impressed. I also purchased a bottle of HD POXY to try. I was told Poxy would look very good. I was eager to try it, because unlike compounds, I had many favorite waxes. Needless to say I am an HD POXY convert.

These are just 2 of the many wonderful products that were designed to be simple and easy to use. In my eyes the UNO/POXY combo put the company on the map that the whole online community watches all over the world. The word spread quickly and today 3D is the most talked about brand out there. Love it or hate it, 3D has produced some very interesting products for the detailers everywhere. Nitro Seal is a very unique Sealant, with exceptional durability and the way Nitro Seal looks on every color is something else. HD POLISH and HD SPEED are the new kids on the block. Both products are very popular and replacing many of the “go to” products for top detailers around the world.

Using the best available ingredients, offering detailing products that are very affordable, pays off. Make them user friendly, easy to use, and the next thing you know? Your products are wanted by almost everybody. There is no other company that offers the versatility of 3D. Take your high priced wax or sealant, and try to apply it to your trim, not just the paint. See what happens. How about using your polish or wax in direct sun? Many people don’t have garages and they have to detail on the street. 3D products are sun friendly. Will not dust, both the 3D polishes and 3D waxes remove as easy as if you were using them inside your garage.

These are some of the reasons why 3D is where it is today. These reasons may seem simple, but in the detailing world, they make all the difference.

How about the 3D chemicals? Great value, from the sudsy Pink Car Soap to the dirt melting Orange Citrus degreaser . Every product in the line was designed to work efficiently, and to make your job easier.

And because 3D manufactures the products, they are able to make them “green”

It is a win win situation for all!


I drink (water) to that!


Thomas Dekany


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