Removing swirls by hand

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I can’t tell you how many times I hear this on our detailing chat.  Obviously all these ‘weekend” warriors are very new to detailing. Otherwise they would know that by hand you can do very little correction on any auto paint. Yes, you can polish the paint and you will improve the look, but that is about it. I have tried polishing by hand many times over the years and I will say to not do it. Too hard and you can’t get the results you want. BUT! If you do details by hand, this is the product to use. Best product that I have found for hand applications

If you want to really improve the look of your car, truck, boat, or airplane, your best bet is to invest in a Dual Action Polisher like the Porter Cable 7424 XP.

Nowadays they are very affordable. It will make a night and day difference in time that you will spend detailing, Using a DA is a great energy saver. Imagine detailing your car for hours without any fatigue! Because your muscles are only working to hold the polisher. On the other hand, compounding by hand, you will be sore for a week afterwards, plus the results will only be so so. When I hear someone say to me, that they have polished out cars by hand and the results were pretty good – they simply haven’t seen a properly polished car, period. Kind of like saying that they have driven cars that cost $15000 and how great they drive. In a way, they are right in both cases, but drive a car that costs $75000 and you will never feel the same about the less expansive car. Same with the polishing example. Once these guys see a panel that is full of scratches and swirl marks and how machine polishing eliminates these in a relatively short time? No way will they ever attempt another detailing job by hand. They all go home and order a unit online. It just makes sense to be smart about how one tackles paint. There is no reason to work backwards.
Even paint that is very new and somehow not damaged, or not very visibly swirled, will greatly benefit from machine polishing. The machine puts down even pressure and lots of it. Not possible by hand. No matter what car you work on, new or old, machine polishing is the way to go. Happy polishing!   Thomas Dekany

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