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Is this compounding foam pad a wool pad killer?

If you are ever called to do an exterior detail that is this neglected, like this red truck,
I would suggest that you try HD’s Ultra Cutting Foam Pad. 

When ever I do any type of paint correction, my first pad choice is always 3D’s Black Wool pad. On this occasion I had a chance to try out this Ultra Cutting Pad. My neighbors neglected paint was a perfect candidate. I didn’t expect too much because there is a big difference in cutting power between wool and any type of foam. With wool of course the con is, that you need to include an extra step to remove the mess wool pads leave behind. Foam cutting pads on the other hand atleast finish down pretty good. I knew that the cutting ability was going to be pretty great, but didn’t know by how much. Like always, I was pressed for time, so there was no side by side comparo this time. I can however tell you, that the cut was very wool like. In fact overall this pad will save you time even if you are going after very very deep scratches. This pad cuts fast and deep. I used HD UNO due to how severely neglected the paint was.

2 slow passes were performed, followed by 1 pass with HD POLISH and a green HD light cutting foam pad


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