To complete a detail make sure to clean the windows properly

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Most people I know, including myself, clean the windows at the very end of the detail. It is a logical step because you want to make sure that once the windows are clean, they stay clean. You sure don’t want to notice wax residue on the glass  the following day! As a customer service rep for 3D and as a professional detailer, I hear more complaints about cleaning the windows that anything else. Most of it is about the process itself.

Clean windows complete any detail.

Very few people actually enjoy cleaning windows. They would rather spent time with a engine degreaser under the hood or washing a car. I can understand that, because modern cars and their wonderful shapes don’t make it easy for one, but the other  issue is that the general public don’t really know the proper steps to creating a streak free window or glass. Truth be told, lots of detailers can’t leave a streak free finish either. In the past, one of the “inside” trick was to clean (wipe) one side of the glass vertically and the other side horizontally. So this way you would know whether the streaking was on the inside or outside. However, there is a much better way to a great finish that works every time. The trick is to having 2 or 3 extra towels ready with you. You can’t ask a towel to be a cleaner and a dryer. Use 1 towel to clean and use several other towels to dry.
Here is what I do:

or our READY MIX CLEANER for windows

and our Micro Fiber Towels

1 – I take one of the towels and use it to spread the glass cleaner and thoroughly clean half of the windshield for example. (this towel is only used to clean)
2 – I take another towel and go over the area again with this dry towel. This step should take no more than 10 – 15 seconds to perform per window, but the result is a 100% streak free glass. Well worth the extra effort.
3 – I repeat the process until all windows are done. Make sure that the “drying” towel is dry and if you need to, change it out. I never used more than 5 towels in any detail and believe me, I had my share of heavily soiled windows.  Thomas Dekany

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