Tire and trim care

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As one of the agents on 3D’s customer support chat line, I get lots of questions about what to do with faded trim. Like with most things in life, prevention is the key. As a pro detailer, I tend to work on European cars most of the time, so I don’t run into many plastic or rubber trims. But when I do, I treat them the same as I would tires. Those areas will receive some type of protection. This way, non painted areas will remain in “like new” condition, like the rest of the car. Personally, I like to use as few products as possible. Having a bunch of detailing products for specific application doesn’t really appeal to me. They may look great on a shelf to fill empty space, but I prefer the opposite. First, the difference in a product that is sold as a tire shine can also be used on the trim. A trim product can also be used as a tire shine. “DETAILING MADE SIMPLE” most definitely appeals to me.
Do you have a wax or sealant that you use and it is trim friendly? In 2012 it really should not stain – if it does, throw it away. Really. I use HD POXY or HD NITRO SEAL. But why am I talking about waxes when this blog is about trim care? Because you can actually use your wax to protect plastic parts on your car. It will even protect longer than a spray product. It is up to you. Either is fine – as long as you put something on.

Trim specific products to consider: All these are exceptional products

Keep those parts protected on a regular bases. It will only take a few extra minutes, but to me, to see the trim on a car freshly dressed, really looks good. Same with tires. Even if the car is not clean and you put a fresh coat of tire shine on, it will improve the look a lot. Try it next time. Thomas Dekany

This is the look that I prefer on tires


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