Scratches and swirls

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Just today, I was reading on a detailing forum 3D is sponsoring, where someone said, that he was wiping bird droppings off of his car with a micro fiber towel and plain water. That is just asking for trouble (swirls and maybe even scratches) in case you didn’t know.Often times, I also read and hear, so many rinsing their cars down and wiping them dry if the car is not too dirty. ¬†With nothing but water. I am trying so hard to understand these people. Are we really this uneducated about maintaining and keeping the paint in at least in good enough shape? Do we not know how fragile the top layer of your paint is? Well, it seems that a large percentage of the population is unaware. Maybe even clueless. When it comes to cleaning your car’s painted surfaces, it is¬†crucial that you use some for of lubrication. Water is not enough, otherwise there would be no need for car soap.

A detailer spray, – QD or Quick Detailer is a must to have around your garage and in your car’s trunk.

Along with several clean Micro Fiber towels. Just in case you want to get that fingerprint off the trunk or fender. A QD will not only give you the much needed lubricity that water doesn’t, it will also do it without scratching the surface due to those cleaning agents in the product. I just looked this up – for $15.99, you can get a gallon of QD

Swirl Free Finish

Thomas Dekany

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