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The possibilities are pretty much endless as far as when and where you can use your favorite quick detailer. When I finish a detail, I always remember to give a crash course to my clients, spending about 5 to 10 minutes with them before I drive away. One point I always stress, is to have several clean, micro fiber towels, (kept in a large zip lock bag) in the car along with a quality QUICK DETAILER.

The most important reason I make this suggestion? Bird poop. If you notice droppings on your car’s paint, it is crucial that you get them off as soon as possible. And I don’t mean rinse them off when you get home! I mean the moment you see it, you get your quick detailer and couple of micro fiber towels and wipe it off and clean it up. Droppings are so acidic, that in the right environment (sun+dark paint for example) they can etch the paint in minutes. Etch it so bad, that  your rubbing compound and elbow grease will not touch it. Wait even longer, and your only choice will be a pro detailer to try machine polish the paint. It may even need wet sanding to completely remove the etching. OEM clear is very thin, and you sure don’t want to compromise it. So you see, it can get pretty complicated and expansive. Or you can keep an eye out for them and deal with it right away.
Other uses for your quick detailer are:

Detailing – use it to as a lubricant with your clay towel or clay bar, remove polishes and waxes
– Use it to clean both the inside and outside of your windows for a streak free finish.

If your car has a layer of light dust on it, a quick detailer is the perfect to product to use, if you don’t happen to have a hose and water
While drying your car, spray a fine mist on the panel you are drying and it will actually help speed the process, while it will leave a nice slick finish behind.
Door jambs – Most people tend to neglect them and a lot of dirt can build up there. Try your detail spray first and see if you can clean those areas up a bit.
Navigation System – always use a detail spray on the screen to clean it. Those fingerprint marks will be gone.
Inside your house – mirrors, windows, counter tops, sinks, stereo, tv, speakers, computer screen, etc.. If it can be wiped you can use a quick detailer to do the job.
Another plus for detail sprays is that they will not stain. Most quick detailers also smell wonderful. Use these products instead of those harsh smelly OTC cleaners.

CAUTION: DO NOT use quick detailers on your floors. QDs will leave a very slick finish.

A quality quick detailer is streak free, every time. If yours streaks, use it to dry your wheels, and purchase a better QD. I highly recommend HD TOUCH.

Thomas Dekany

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