Buying a new car – take matters into your own hands

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I see and talk to so many disappointed new car owners, who a day or 2 later realize that the dealerships’ “NEW CAR PREP” did more harm to the brand new paint than good.
Obviously the damage is more evident on darker colors and thankfully, some metallic colors do not mar “too” easily, but those colors also suffer some damage. At this point you maybe wondering if I have lost my marbles, but reality is, that the so called  DETAIL DEPARTMENT in almost every dealership is a joke. Next time you are looking at a new car or when you are in for service, asked the manager to show you around their detailing department. You will see dirty wash mitts, often laying on the floor. If you are lucky, you will see some of the help washing wheels first and use that same sponge on the paint.
I will admit that this problem is not 100% but it is at least 99%. Just search for “new car prep” on any detailing forum and you will see horror stories one after another. The only reason you don’t see even more, is because the large majority of the public is not aware that those cobweb looking marks, swirls, holograms. I realize, that most simply don’t care, after all, to them it is just a car. But customers, who expect a mar and swirl free finish as they are driving away from the dealership, here is my take on what you should do and what the dealer shouldn’t do if the car is “ordered”

1 – Put it in writing that the dealership can not touch the paint, can’t wash it or “buff” it.
2 – Inspect the car in daylight. Make sure that it is in perfect condition. If day light or sun is not an option, take a flash light with you.
3 –  Ahead of time, purchase a Dual Action polisher and all the detailing products you will need to prep and protect the car.
4 – those items should be: car soap, detailing clay towel, medium polish or finishing polish, wax or sealant, dressing, quick detailer, window cleaner, interior protectant, leather conditioner, wash mitt, micro fiber towels, pads for your polisher.
5 – do the work yourself. You can do a much better job than the dealership.
6 – once you are done, you will still have a swirl, hologram free finish that you can be very proud of.

Here is the best way to drive home from the dealership, especially if you have a way to go. My client followed my advise and used blue painter’s tape to protect the new paint from the dealership to his home.  Thomas Dekany


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