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I will tell you up front, that you can’t wax your car often enough. I once “waxed” one of our vehicles 46 x in 1 year. The goal was to do it every time I washed the car, (52x) but vacation and other more important commitments prevented me from reaching my goal. But that was OK.

After one year, I stopped waxing, only washed that car for the next 6 months. Wanted to see if all those layers actually did benefit the finish. See, many detailers don’t feel that layering adds anything. However, I can tell you, that after 6 months, when I decided to strip everything and start over again – as I was decontaminating the paint, there was hardly anything that was coming off the paint. So my conclusion is, that the more you wax the better the finish stays. I am not suggesting that you wax your car weekly, but you could and can do it, as you dry your car for example with products like 3D’s Express WaxThis high tech spray wax is so easy to use, that it takes only a few extra minutes and you will have a fresh layer of protection. If you don’t care for spray waxes, or if you are the type of person who details because it relaxes you and you like to take your time,use your favorite wax or sealant ( I personally use HD POXY and HD NITRO SEAL) and put a fresh layer on as often as you want to. The immediate benefit is obvious – gloss, shine, and a “just waxed” look. Who doesn’t like that? But more importantly, having protection on your car’s paint will keep the finish in top shape as long as you own your car. And that means big $$$$ in your pocket if and when it is time to trade or sell your car. So make time to pamper your investment. It is a win – win situation.  Thomas Dekany

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