3D of China: Nation Wide Training

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3D of China gathered more than 250 people for a nation wide training seminar. 3D’s General Manager Juan DeRada and Francisco Mendoza, Lead Training Technician, were welcomed in China for 10 days. The training was a huge success, which covered the new line of High Definition Products and 3D chemicals. Mr. Mendoza focused on paint defect removal, paint correction, proper car maintenance and more. Upon his return Francisco said, “I enjoyed it very much it was funny to see my picture up on a big banner everyone already knew who I was. I’m a star out there.”Featuring Francisco Mendoza

Lunch Break

Mr. DeRada raved about their hospitality, “They were very welcoming and exposed us to their wonderful culture”. During the seminar, lunch was traditional Chinese food.

The seminars were held at one of the 3D Car Wash and Detailing centers. The detailing centers have a nice reception area where clients can wait while their car is being detailed. THe Training Center is very popular as China has a large quantity of cars. According to ChinaAutotimes.com, 18.5 Million cars were sold in China in 2011 of this number (6.1 Million were Chinese produced.3D Of China Detailing Center

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