Time to OD on HD. The game changer!

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Hey everyone! Yes, 3D and Tunch Goren have finally released the all- new HD High Definition Car Care products! As you may have heard and read in my prior post Tunch has nailed it.

Not only have I been testing these products, but also we went ahead and built a very high-end “Testing Team” of professional detailers to help us out with the development of the new products.

We’ve been testing and using these products now for the past several months helping Tunch with his design and manufacturing of these products in order to satisfy a need in the industry of “Detailing Made Simple” Tunch wanted to create a line of chemicals that not only worked but filled other needs as well.

The 3 newest additions to the HD Car Care line are:
1. The re-formulation of HD Uno
2. The new creation of the HD Advanced Finishing Polish
3. The new creation of HD Speed, which is an amazing “One Step” Cleaner, Polish and Wax. It offers light to moderate paint correction and has a high- grade level of paint protection as well.

Using HD Uno and HD Polish over the past month has been a dream comes true for most of us testing the products. I told Tunch he nailed it when we got the final formulations of both of these products. It was a long hard road going back and forth to design a great cut and polish! But the results speak for themselves. Tunch designed all three of these new chemicals using the latest in Nano Technology.

Testing HD Uno and HD Polish on many types of paints and paint conditions, we have found one common tie; it’s “Consistency in Performance”. Every time we use the HD Uno or Polish, we’re always getting a great result with a very high percentage of paint defect removal and amazing finishes. We are all very impressed with:
• No dust
• A product that is very clear when in use
• A working time that is very long and a product that does not flash on the vehicle
• Lastly, both the HD Uno and HD Polish wipe off the vehicle with ease. I mean it really comes off with virtually no effort at all even in the sun and even on moderately hot days.
Both the products do have a bit of an oily residue which removes very easily when you let it sit for just a couple of minutes. I’m actually able to speed that process up by misting my micro fiber towel with some HD Touch and then doing my final wipe off of the product.




HD Uno cuts very nice either using a light wool pad or an aggressive foam pad. Depending upon the amount of defects being removed ,you will find that its one great “Go To Product” for both hard and soft clear coats. Even with aftermarket paint, you will end up with a great finish each and every time.

Yesterday I did a jet black Mercedes Benz. I brought out a forced rotation DA polisher and used HD Uno with an orange foam-cutting pad and did about two passes on each panel. Keeping with the DA Polisher, I went right to a blue foam polishing pad and HD Polish and ended up with about a 95% defect free beautiful finish in less then one hour. That was two pads and two chemicals!

I will be posting some photos of some of our testing results over this next week. The photos I’m getting from the guys in the field are amazing!

HD Polish is such an easy product to use with almost no effort at all. We have found in testing HD Polish a little goes a long way! A long, long way! LOL… The working time is the best we have ever seen in a polish. The clarity in the product is also amazing and it’s easy to see your work while you’re working with the product. Most products have to be removed to see if your getting the result you want while HD Uno and HD Polish are very clear and easy to view paint damage while your doing your paint correction.

HD Polish is also completely dust free and leaves no marring at all. It is a very high-end finish but is so quick to perform that you can use it as your go to product for just about any vehicle you do. One of the greatest assets you have in your chemical arsenal is a good “go to polish” and Tunch has made HD Polish with that high-end performance we are looking for but extremely forgiving with machine and pad choices available.

One of the best features of both HD Uno and HD Polish is there are no silicon’s or fillers of any kind added to the product. What you see in your end result is what you get. We have done major paint correction and used the alcohol test to see the results remain the same. We did a complete paint correction on a black test car and drove it though a harsh tunnel car wash 10 times to see the results on the paint correction remained the same as well.

HD Speed. What can we say about HD Speed other then buy it and give it a try. All of us are sure you will be just as stoked in this one step product as we are. This is one of Tunch’s best products ever.

This is a one step product that is perfect for quick and easy jobs. We told Tunch a good one step product is a must so he developed HD Speed. Again, using Nano Technology this product is:
• Very easy to use
• Dust free
• Kicks butt with light to moderate paint damage
• Works great on both hard and soft clears as well as aftermarket paint

The product goes on very easy and in most cases you will end up using a blue foam-polishing pad and that’s it!!! It’s mostly designed to be used with the DA Polisher and in fact works amazing with a DA Forced Rotation Polisher. Its ability to clean and polish the paint was not far from that of HD Uno and HD Polish. It may not cut like HD Uno but it does work great in minor paint defects and puts an incredible shine and finish into the paint that’s un-believable until you see it with your own eyes.

The remaining products being released in this launch are:

1. HD Free waterless product
2. HD Touch final wipe
3. HD Nitro
4. HD Poxy

Most of you have used some of these products with great results and we have also tested these under all conditions as well and found no reason at all to change anything about them. These products not only work but the performance on all four of these are amazing.

HD POXY is one of the very best paint sealants we have ever used.
HD Nitro Seal is very under rated and needs to be promoted as one of the best paint protection systems ever used. I’ve had the HD Nitro Seal on my personal vehicle along with two of my highest end client’s vehicles for over 4 months now and the protection is nothing short of amazing!

We also just opened up the first of many very high-end 3D Detailing Supply Stores never seen in our industry. All the stores are broken down by departments and all the stores will be equipped with a complete demonstration area for our customers, detailer and clients opportunity for testing and trying out the complete product line.

The all new 3D Store was designed by Don Williams, (a professional retailing expert, store designer and merchandiser). Don brings with him many years of experience designing and building major retail locations all over the United States.  Check out the photos of the very first 3D / HD car care super store right here in the main office at the Santa Clarita location. The opening of the store was amazing and our current distributors came from all over the world to be here for the event.

HD GEAR A new line of apparel designed just for anyone wanting some lifestyle in their work. I’ve been wearing the long sleeve t-shirt and gets a lot of attention! This is some great stuff to where boasting you new line of auto detailing products. We have hats, polo style shirts, t-shirts and a very nice button down shirt that looks great. The apron is a two pocket long front, adjustable tie that works great for all your detailing needs.

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