Roses are red, 3D is green…

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Roses are red, violets are blue, the environment is green. Keep your favorite colors intact by choosing 3D.

This has been a very special Valentines Day, everyone is making an effort to do bigger and better things. Here at 3D we’re keeping ahead of the market with green products that maintain their efficiency and outperform most other products in the market.

This has been a special Valentines Day for NY’ers with the Linsanity streak. For those who were hoping for a Knicks win, you got it. There are some miracles and surprises j
jeremy Lin is to the Knocks what 3D All Purpose Cleaner is to detailers and 3D. Why? 3D All Purpose Cleaner can be used for many different uses including cleaning a filthy car engine with just a microfiber and no water!

Landry fields mentions, “Home court advantage” our home court advantage for the detaining world has been due to our presence in California. Did you know that California has the highest standards to meet regulations for OSHA, state manufacturing regulations and processes, and many more. 3D has always stayed ahead of these changes and new state implementations by converting their formulas to become a safer yet, powerful product. 3D is lucky for our home court advantage.

We’re wishing you a happy Valentines Day from 3D. Tunch Goren, CEO of 3D, sends his love from the 3D booth in Beijing, China at the CIAACE show.

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