Silence Of The Lambs

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For many years lambs wool was out in detailing. People found it not aggressive enough and turned into “twisted Wool” pads and rough foam pads. There is no doubt that the 100% twisted wool cutting pads with hook and loop interface will remove the 1200 grit sand scratches fastest but it will leave a lot of swirl marks as well. This makes the second and third steps (even fourth) much harder to correct.

This was the case so far. At 3D we call that THE Old School method. So does many of our new followers. Especially after we developed the HD UNO….

Old school compounds still need that heavy cutting performance from the wool pad.
Lambs wool was always around; but was never enough in cutting. Therefore detailers and body shops needed that extra power and had to live with the swirl marks to deal in next steps.

After HD UNO era I think the lambs wool will shine again. Combined with the power of UNO;  it creates the cut that the detailers need without heavy swirl marks thus allowing in most cases to skip right into finishing stage. Time is money and precious.

Besides the real “Lambs wool” will not fly all over your facility. The “Twisted wool” pads will lint a lot ! Although they are 100% natural wool, still considered man-made because it is woven into a fabric.

However “Lambs wool” is 100% natural all-around. The wool is still on the skin. Thus there is almost no lint. Another great feature of lambs wool is that even on rotary polishers it does not create high heat like the Foam Pads.

HD UNO together with the lambs wool will make your detailing job a lot easier.

Tunch Goren

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  1. Nice post. I never thought about using lamb wool.

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