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Revolutionizing Waterless Product

Gains Market Share With Respect

Santa Clarita, CA (November 11, 2011) – 3D Products again making a huge impact on the detailing industry with recognizing an amazing new waterless product that is sure to propel the detailing industry forward.

Tunch Goren personally started promoting the waterless movement as far back as 1998. However, “You know no one cared about being Green back in the day, so I had a struggle with it.”

Now, waterless is no longer just a word. We as a society seem to generate words that may appear to mean nothing at all or don’t actually generate the correct message we are trying to send. But none the less, waterless, waterless products, waterless detailing and waterless car care is here and in high demand!

Marketing your business or services as an eco friendly, water smart solution is one of the best things you can do in your community. “Going green” is here now and will only become more critical for businesses in the future. As professionals in the car care industry we now have the solutions, products, tools and business ideas to join the green movement.

However, 3D says they are getting a lot of e-mails regarding the waterless phenomenon.  People are asking: how are waterless products made, do they or don’t they scratch the surface, do they or don’t they contain water? “Too funny” 3D staff mentions, with a huge smile on their face, “but these are very appropriate questions if you don’t know.  A lot of the detailing chemicals today, including waterless products, are developed as water based products, and most of today’s high end waterless products will not scratch the painted surface of a vehicle if used correctly and appropriately.”

Lets take for example the term “waterless car washing”. What we mean when we use a term like this is that we do not use normal amounts of water to wash or detail a vehicle. To elaborate on that, we use the term “waterless products” because we are using very little water to get our vehicles clean. Most of the time we are using concentrated waterless products that we do mix with water; but these products eliminate having to use buckets of water, garden hoses and pressure washers! Using a waterless product will do more for the cleaning of the vehicle then the old school methods of buckets of water and sponges.

The waterless product movement has been growing steadily over the past 30 years and has seen huge market growth in the past 3 years. It is proving itself as a viable alternative to get many types of vehicles clean without the use of massive amounts of water, harsh shampoos and dangerous cleaners!

“Be cautious of inferior waterless, relabeled product companies trying to capitalize on the waterless money making market. There are a lot of them out there and they have no concern for you or our industry” says 3D Chemists.

Whether or not you’re currently using these waterless, eco friendly, green methods of car care cleaning is not going to be a matter of choice. Very soon you won’t have the choice! Many states here in the USA, and other countries, have water shortages and grey water pollution issues. These challenges are creating the need for alternative solutions in the car care industry, along with many other industries.


Tunch Goren and the team at 3D Products has a passion for the new age technology in car care products replacing a lot of the traditional and out dated car washing methods. 3D has been leaders in the development of waterless products for many years now. The result of this focus –  3D has taken the time to develop one of the very best waterless products and car wash systems available in the car care industry today. Since recently testing this product, auto detailing professionals have begun using this product extensively and find it to be everything you would expect in a waterless product. And, as one of the leaders in the waterless movement in our industry, many professional detailers stand behind 3D and their efforts to take this great product to market.

Most of today’s advanced waterless car wash products are made of different blends of detergents, surfactants,  emulsifiers, advanced waxes and multiple type polymers. 3D has taken it to the next level with a waterless product that is unparalleled to anything else sold on the market today.

3D’s  Waterless Car Wash TM, first breaks down, encapsulates and then suspends dirt and grime. This allows you to remove the surface contaminates with the use of micro fiber technology, leaving a scratch free finish.  3D’s waterless product then replaces the debris with a layer of protection leaving your vehicle cleaner with shine and finish normally found using professional methods of detailing and paint correction methods.

This is not just my opinion states one professional but, is backed up with the fact that 3D’s Waterless Car Wash TM product is certified by Bureau Veritas, one of the oldest and largest certification companies in the world. Created in 1828, Bureau Veritas is a world leader in conformity assessment and certification services. Bureau Veritas is recognized and accredited by major national and international organizations.


  • Bureau Veritas has over 48,000 employees,
  • They have 930 offices and 330 laboratories in 140 countries
  • Over 400,000 clients world wide with 3D Products being one of them!
  • 2010 revenues of over $2.9 billion dollars
  • Bureau Veritas is a listed company on the stock exchange


The Bureau Veritas certification states that the 3D Waterless Car Wash TM product will not scratch the painted surface if used correctly and will offer the protection claimed as stated on each bottle sold. No other waterless car care product manufactured in the auto detailing or car care industry has this certification.

What waterless product do you want to use? What company do you want to purchase your waterless product from ask any professional. It should be a no brainier, 3D!

You simply won’t believe the results you will be producing using the all new waterless washing system by 3D and joining in the green movement while conserving water and protecting the environment and planet we live in!


Go green, you won’t regret it…



3D is the original Manufacturer and Private Labeler of Green Waterless Car Wash

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