Saving money & getting great results, Part 1

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Did you know that you can save a lot of money when you choose the right products to detail with? Some brands offer way too many products that basically end up doing the same thing. Picking the best wax, product, degreaser, or detail spray for example should factor in other considerations such as, environmental impact, product quality, and product performance. We will discuss the environmental impact in this article.

We all live in a very integrated world and as our population increases so does our consumption. This is why we should all make an effort to try and reduce household carbon footprints. At home this may be shutting off the lights when you don’t occupy a room is simply turning of the water while you are brushing your teeth. Now, what if you could just as easily do this with washing your own car?

  1. Wash your car at home reducing the time and gas spent driving to and from a carwash.
    Bonus: spend your saved time doing things you love doing more, like watching your favorite NFL team or cooking a delicious meal like Rachel Ray for a loved one.
  2. Eliminate water waste by choosing a waterless car wash like 3D waterless car wash, which can also save 80-120 gallons of water per wash.
  3. Choose an all in one product, which targets many areas of your car. Some examples are HD UNO the best cut, polish, and finish product in one that even gives better results than traditional three step method. You can also use HD UNO as a headlight polish so now you won’t have to get another headlight cleaning kit.
    Bonus: reducing the amount of money spent on different wax step products and the amount of garbage going to the landfills. Eliminate clutter in your home.

Please follow up with part 2 explaining product quality and product performance.

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