Saving money and getting great results, part 2

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As a follow-up- to part 1 of how we can save time and money with the right products, this article will discuss how car care product quality and performance are essential factors to consider when buying car care products. Choosing products from 3D and HD will help you reduce your carbon footprint, save money, and save time, while getting superior results.

Product quality is very important because it can save you time in the future and while you are detailing. Now why would you buy a car product, namely a wax that gives lots of residue and powder that result in additional cleanup and product waste? So you can:

  1. Use a no residue car wax, like HD UNO. You’ll be able to reduct labor cost if you are a detailers or business operator.
  2. ┬áIf you opt for a low quality car soap or degreaser you’ll just end up buying something diluted but cheaper. It is common for big box retailers to try to reduce their expenses by telling their suppliers that they will purchase goods at a lower price. The supplier grants their wish and dilutes their chemicals. This can be difficult for using the degreaser for it’s intended job which wastes time, therefore money, too. So get a powerful and green degreaser from 3D, 3D grand slam.

Product performance is closely related to quality. Quality should determine performance, but sometimes it does not. Just because it’s made of natural ingredients does not make it perform well. When picking the best car care detailing products to use, you should think about three things:

  • Are the products harmful to me, do they get the job done, and do they clean effectively? A product will perform well when all three of these criteria are met.
    • A green product that doesn’t work well is of no use to you. However, 3D ensures that all of it’s products perform well when they are put onto the market. So why not wash with the only certified biodegradable car wash designed not to scratch?
    • It’s important to use products that are engineered with biodegradable, organic ingredients, but also ensures effective cleaning ability.
      • It means that you’re also not being exposed to harmful chemicals and causing our ozone layer to become further toxic.

If you want to get the most value for your money in-conjunction to the best results then you needn’t look further than 3D/ HD products.

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