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Often as a detailer it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the hype of so many products. Over the years I can’t begin to imagine how many products I’ve tried because I thought I needed them or because of some hype created over them. Only later to find that these products just build up in a collection of wasted money. While it feels good to say I have product A, B, and C, is it worth it? I ask myself often why did I ever by this product ?

Lets’ talk about product selection, If your anything like me, You have your go to products. So what are go to products? For myself there the products I use over time that I always go back to. It’s a sense of well being. I know how this product works and how it reacts. It’s a core product that produces not only results, but makes me money. For example, Threw out my career as a professional detailer, I have always worked in a shop atmosphere, I feel more comfortable in my shop knowing where everything is at. Over the past few years I have since been doing mobile work. One of the things I hate is not having everything in place like it is at my shop when I’m on the road. My first couple of times doing mobile work, when it came to packing the supplies. I always over packed. I felt as if I didn’t have this product, I’m in trouble. So there I was packing ten different polishes, 3 different degreasers, God only knows how many waxes. You would think I was building a carnuba factory with the amount of waxes I would bring. But when it was all said and done ,I always over packed and wasted more time doing it.

With that being said, Let’s talk about Detailing Made Simple. One of the great things that intrigues’ me about this business is the chemistry behind it all. Often I’m always reading some article on how a certain product or combination is described in depth to the point that its more confusing than anything. While I really enjoy this, to the newcomer in the industry or your every day enthusiast it could be challenging. Over the years I have a gained a lot of knowledge on chemicals. I couldn’t imagine being relatively new to the industry coming into the game today. I would be lost reading some of the things I have come across. ” I am one who learns hands on, like many in this field” Recently I was honored to tour the 3D Manufacturing plant with the owner of 3D Products International. Tunch Goren also a Chemist gave me a personal tour. Tunch explained to me the motto of 3D “Detailing made Simple” His goal is to make our lives easier. How does one do that? Quite challenging for sure, Seriously could you imagine trying to make the lives of some of the worlds’ most anal retentive individuals life easier? You are better off trying balance the budget of our wonderful country. So Tunch goes on to explain about how Detailing can be made simple.

One of the best ways to describe this is to discuss cleaners. When it comes to getting a car clean, You need a wheel cleaner, engine degreaser, wheel well cleaner, and yes a car wash soap. So the questions are, Which tire cleaner are you going to buy? What can I use to clean my wheel wells with? You know those engines build up grease and dirt fast. What engine cleaner will break it all down? What about my door jambs? Is there a special cleaner for them?

So here we are lost and confused looking for the perfects products to help us out. Did you know many companies will use the same product and market them different ways, Only to change the color or smell? It’s insane. When looking into it from a marketing point it makes sense. If I own a product line, My first thing to do is set cost and distribute products. After all without distribution, no money comes in and I Fold. It’s simply supply and demand. The demand of products is always changing. People are always looking for a faster, quicker, and better product. What they don’t see is the marketing behind it all. So let me break it down for you in simply terms.

Breaking it down from behind the scenes

I start the name of my company. Now it obvious I can’t produce all the chemicals without the knowledge or chemistry background. I now need to contact someone to make them. After a few calls to manufactures’ or as we know people who re- label products. There are several companies who do this. They cater to the boutique brands. I call them up and say I need a tire cleaner and engine cleaner, and a good all purpose cleaner. So they contact there chemist and say, we got a new account. It’s time for you to start mixing. He takes a previous formula and tweaks it a little. Ok how it is accomplished. He starts with the previous cleaner he has already made and dilutes it as needed then changes the color and smell. Folks we now have our tire cleaner. It really is that simple and is done all the time. Now we need a engine cleaner. So he keeps his formula straight without dilution then adds a color and scent. Then Says “ I got my engine cleaner.” Next we move into the general purpose cleaner. Knowing he already has a potent product he may dilute a little and make it a different scent and color and say. This is your all purpose cleaner. From one product he made three that fast for the seller. Now keep in mind you may find many different products sellers who use the same formula with different flavors and characteristics. This isn’t done with just cleaners. It’s done with waxes, sealants and other products. Not I’m not saying its done a lot, but it happens more often than you think. How does this affect the consumer? Think about it for a second. This supply guy has to buy in bulk and pay for the labeling and bottles at a rate in which the manufacturing company makes money. There is a surcharge. Next you have to raise cost to prove you’re the best! Is cost the best way of determining a products productivity? No its not. People tend to think this. I have fallen into this trap. Then there is the marketing hype to build the products, and other factors that create a higher cost.

When has detailing become such a science? I can remember the days when it was so simple and tons of fun. Did we as consumers fall into a trap of marketing hype over the years? What ever happen to people who care about just making this job simple? Without all the complex definitions? While its’ fun to read, is it effective? In due time, it will be my job to make this industry simple. I will be educating the consumer and detailer from a whole new perspective. Its’ going to be a behind the scene approach to

Detailing made simple!

Stay tuned for more shortly,

Written by: Barry Theal


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