Congrats to Tunch Goren & La Toya Jackson on the ASAP product launch!

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As many may or may not know, the owner of owns a successful chemical manufacturing business where they produce products for 3D, HD and a host of others that are used not only in the detailing industry, but many others as well. Some of which are secretly/exclusively rebottled by some of the most mainstream and popular Resellers in the online detailing world.  To date he is still keeping it confidential for who he makes products for.

One of Tunch’s current projects includes partnering with celebrity La Toya Jackson to create a line of “Green Products” called ASAP (Auto Spa Amazing Products).  This product line was developed to honor her bothers vision by creating a company that contributes to the conservation of water.

ASAP La Toya Jackson is committed to champion those causes that were near and dear to her beloved brother Michael’s heart.

“Michael always felt that his music was a platform for him to promote awareness of humanitarian, equality, world peace and ecological issues. He was extremely concerned about international global warming. His inspiration for writing the song “Earth Song” was to let people hear the voice of our dying planet.”

Ms. Jackson conducted extensive research and found that the simple act of outdoor car washing is a major contributor to water waste and pollution. Toxic levels of chemicals, metals and hydrocarbons mixed in the detergent-rich water used to wash our cars flow down the street and into the storm drain and into our oceans, rivers and creeks. Also, washing one car with soap and water wastes an average of 80 to 120 gallons.

To help combat this problem, Ms. Jackson teamed up with Chemist Tunch Goren, the premier manufacturer of high quality waterless car care products. With over two decades of research and development in the waterless car care; Mr. Goren proved to be the perfect partner to create Auto Spa Amazing Products. She used the acronym ASAP for this product because she feels it’s a problem that needs to be rectified NOW!

On Celebrity Apprentice La Toya named her team ASAP after this product.

Pictured at La Toya's Book Signing

The Goren's from 3D and La Toya Jackson Launch ASAP

The ASAP line include a waterless Tire & Wheel Cleaner, Wash & Shine and Tire Shine. All ASAP products are eco-friendly and feature a revolutionary non-aerosol continuous spray nozzle that works at any angle. Products will be on sale soon and you can sign up on ASAP’s website here: to alert you when the products will be on sale.

The official launch will be held at the ESPY awards at the on July 11th and will include the attendance of 100’s of celebrities to promote this line. Besides this Ms. Jackson has also mentioned Tunch & his daughter, Serra in her book named “Starting Over”.

Besides this current project, Tunch (who’s headquarters are in Santa Clarita, CA) has also successfully established export distribution points throughout the world to includes places such as Australia, India, Mexico, Spain, Chain, Netherlands & Dubai. 3D is also the exclusive product line in over 800 car wash & detail shops in S. America.  He is not just a formulator he says. Because since the 1980’s he’s also owned then sold some of the biggest car washes in Los Angeles … Tri-Star car wash & Detail Center in Van Nuys, Studio Car wash & Detail center in Culver City, Maywood Car Wash & Detail in Maywood, CA  just to name the few. Tunch said “I always tried to make affordable products and wanted to stay within a competitive price range. However, Autopia opened my mind to other avenues for distribution. When I saw that there are a lot of Detailers demanding much higher product range, I developed the HD line.” Now he says, “the sky is the limit for quality and improvements.”

Please help me congratulate Tunch & La Toya on their new product launch!!

Written by David Fermani


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